When Ely Callaway sold Callaway Vineyard and Winery to Hiram Walker & Sons in 1981, little did he know that he will be founding one of the largest golf apparel companies in the world. He had set his eyes on a hickory-shafted golf clubs set after visiting a pro-shop located in California and saw a business opportunity there.

The owner of the clubs he previously eyed on was Hickory Stick USA. He then went on to buy a stake for $400,000 in 1982 and became co-owners with Dick de la Cruz, Richard Parente, and Tony Manzoni. During its first year, Callaway decided to rename the company. It was then called Callaway Hickory Stick USA. Orders were low during that time that he even used his Cadillac to personally deliver the items.

In 1985, Callaway golf became the first company to use new and emerging technology. This technology enabled Callaway golf clubs to have the flattestCallaway Golf Company surface of putters possible.

Business was steady for Callaway, but the company only began to take off in 1986. By then, the company had acquired Richard Helmstetter to serve as chief club designer. The use of new technology allowed Callaway golf clubs to be the first to provide putters with the flattest possible surface. The company also introduced new designs such as the Callaway Edge Irons, Billet Series Putters and Wedges, Callaway Persimmon Woods and Bobby Jones Hickory Stick Woods.

The company officially became Callaway Golf Company in 1988. With sales already reaching $4.8 million, the company slowly but surely set itself apart from the competition.

Another milestone was reached in 1991. This is the time when the Big Bertha was launched. It had an oversized driver made of steel and became popular among both amateurs and professionals. In fact, Mark Brooks used the Big Bertha when he became the winner in the Greater Greensborough Open. Suddenly, more and more golfers are ditching wood and are switching to steel.

With Big Bertha’s success, professional golfers started joining the company, with the likes of Annika Sorentstam and Johnny Miller using Big Bertha in PGA tours across the world. In another first, the company released the S2H2, a material known as metal wood. Due to this, the company’s revenue rose by 100% in the same year.

With sales reaching an estimated $683.5 million, the company expanded its business even further by creating the company called the Callaway Golf Ball in 1996. The newly formed company would go on to become the world’s largest manufacturer of golf balls.

In yet another milestone, the company acquired Odyssey Sports in 1997 and started to develop the Odyssey putters line. The range in this line is still among the most widely known putters even today. With the company’s continuously improving technology, they managed to stay ahead of the competition by bringing the future to the present.

In 2001, Ely Callaway decided to give up his position as CEO and president of the company. This is the time when his company became the biggest and the most successful golf company worldwide. During this year, the company’s foundation exceeded grants to charities by $4.8 million, as part of Ely’s philanthropy.

The company continued to raise the bar in the competition, and other companies have tried but failed to live up to the standard set by Ely Callaway. Over the next few years, the company would continue to innovate their Big Bertha line by using new technology to create the flattest, lightest and strongest possible clubs. They also introduced the Razr drivers, hybrids and irons, fairway woods, Diablo Edge club and other pioneer clubs in the industry.

Throughout its history, the company has proven that it is the golf company of choice not only among professionals, but also among beginners and amateurs. Several award-winning golfers swear by the quality of the company’s golf clubs such as David Leadbetter, Johnny Miller, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Annika Sorenstam to name a few.

It seems like technology will only push the company forward. By continuing to uphold Ely Callaway’s keen eye for detail, the company will only continue to strive to bring their customers the ultimate golfing experience.

The success of a business largely depends on the resources available for the owner, as well as how they’re utilized. Therefore, it makes sense that the tools available for the business owner should be of the highest quality and reliability possible for any purpose it may serve.And since most businesses of today require that they have a fully functional website, this extends to their web hosting service as well. This is an aspect that many business owners fail to attend to, but is so important with regards to the company’s internet marketing campaign.

Prevents Revenue Loss

Web hostingWhile early business websites only cater to giving information to the consumer, today, they’ve become extremely interactive and dynamic. In fact, some businesses rely entirely on their websites for virtually all aspects of their operation, like buying and selling of their products.

In light of this, the best web hosting sites provide the stability required to keep the website going, since even the slightest downtime can cost the business severe losses in revenue;especially for e-commerce websites, when transactions are entirely dependent on it.

Benefits SEO

The best web hosting sites also have a positive impact on SEO in a number of ways.

First, the host will impart a series of optimizations on the content of your website, to make sure that it ranks high during relevant searches. This is especially true if the host allows business owners to create their own website from scratch, using their own website builder service.

Secondly, a website who’s stable and completely functioning allows search engine crawlers to visit it regularly. This allows search engines to identify the site itself for SEO. A website who’s constantly suffering from downtime prevents these crawlers from visiting the site, thus hampering the business’ SEO efforts. Also, it’s widely believed that the speed and stability of a website also affects SEO ratings, according to recent findings.

SEO has been one of the key points in web hosting, that the best web hosting sites mostly come with a tool that monitors lead-ins and other aspects of it.

Keeps the website secure

This is arguably the most important aspect of the best web hosting sites around, most especially if they’re for online shopping. Consumers are likely to input any sensitive information for transaction purposes, especially their banking accounts and credit card numbers, the risks of an attacker getting of all this information and using it for malicious intent looms at large. To prevent this, the host should permit (and even require) websites to support SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which allows full encryption of all communications over the site, thereby granting extra security to all the consumers who register on it.

The hosting service should, with the help of the consumer, also be able to identify any bugs and security holes that may be able to compromise your website, and patch them accordingly. And in the unlikely event that a website DOES get hacked, they should be able to restore it as well as any important data that you stored on it via a backup copy on a remote server.

Website intrusion shouldn’t just be the main focus of security, either. A good hosting service should also be able to deal with a very large flow of inbound traffic, preventing cases of denial-of-service attacks and keeping the site stable and running.

Grows with you

Finally, as your business grows, so will your website. Essentially, your website is going to be visited by numerous customers, and soon enough, you need to improve your website with more relevant content. To this end, your web host should be able to keep up as much as possible. Business owners should be able to avail of a much-needed upgrade, whether it’s for increased bandwidth, additional disk space, or even other extra features, to be able to make the necessary improvements to their business site as it expands to keep up with increased consumer demands.

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Here at TheHostingAwards.com, we continually review and award only the best web hosting sites. Our goal is to help small businesses & entrepreneurs like yourself find and select the best web host to meet the needs of your website.

Natural disasters may occur at any time. It can destroy memories, records and personal identifications which are irreplaceable or hard to replace. Anyone can keep their most valued possessions secure with the right home safe. Home safes should be fireproof and waterproof for them to be a secure place to keep all those important documents, pictures and computer files. To choose the right one for you, you have to consider and evaluate your needs. What will be the space requirements of items to be stored? How much money or how many items do you intend to store in it? How large are the items you wish to store?  Another factor you have to consider is the level of fire resistance that you need. You also have to consider the kind of security that the safes give you. These are not exactly cheap, so you want to be sure that what you purchase will really serve your purpose.

home safesHome safes serve several purposes. It is a place to keep important documents and items to be used frequently or in case of emergency. This is the place to keep passports, emergency cash, frequently worn jewelry and any legal documents you need to secure. These are some of the items you would not consider keeping in a safe deposit box. It is much safer than placing them inside a lock box at home. It is more difficult to steal. A safe at home is accessible rather than a safe deposit box in a bank. For that reason, people would rather keep their documents like passports, living will, estate plans, power of attorney and other items in their home safe. In the event of a person’s death, it may take a long time for a court order to allow access to the safe deposit box can be issued.

Having a safe at home also provides additional organization. It can hold so many items. People prone to losing or misplacing items can benefit from it. Lastly, it can also provide ease of access for the family members. In case of death or emergencies, a family member will be able to easily retrieve those important documents.

The main advantage of having a safe at home is so that you can access your valuables anytime you want to. But having those advantages comes with disadvantages as well. Should a thief come into your home and force your safe open, he would walk away with your valuables. This will not happen if you take steps to make sure that your safe is truly secure and made of strong materials.

While home safes are fire proof and water proof, there is still no guarantee that the items inside will not get damaged one way or another. Using a safe at home, there are precautions that a user needs to practice. Keep all valuables in airtight waterproof containers. Most safes cannot withstand floods for long periods of time. Keep a photocopy of all the important documents and files in another location. Likewise take photos of all expensive valuables and possession inside the safe. Make sure all valuables are fully covered in your non-life insurance policy. That way when a disaster occurs, you have something to fall back on when it comes to recovering or restoring whatever items are damaged.

It is best to use both an in-home safe and a safety deposit box. Home safes store things people might need access to in an emergency. Items for frequent use are best to be stored here. Having also a safe deposit box is a good way to give you additional peace of mind. Safes at home are much easier for thieves to break. That is less likely to happen at the bank as it is heavily guarded. There are security devices like alarms, cameras, fire-detectors and water sprinklers installed. In case you can store other important documents and a few small items and expensive jewelries that people would never need on a moment’s notice.

Throughout our years of experience with locksmithing, we have found some really terrific home safes!

Graduation sash is one of the accessories in graduation attire that plays a significant role in the graduation ceremony. It is a piece of cloth worn around the neck and rests on the shoulder. Along with the other fundamental academic attire like the gown, hood and cap and the cord, the sash is very significant because it conveys different meaning. It may represent an organization and ethnic society. It may bear the school badge, some significant symbols and the class of the graduates.


Graduation SashYou are probably wondering how people or academic people come up with the idea of using a sash in graduation ceremonies. The inception of using the sash as a part of the graduation ceremony can be traced back in the medieval times. Many scholars observe that angelical and catholic priests wear glamorous and elegant sash around their neck when they perform liturgical ceremonies and even when they are in special occasions. During these times, the church has the biggest influence to people. Many clothing items were even inspired to the way priests dress during those times and upon seeing the high priest wear a sash, academic scholars embraced that until now, and the use of sashes is common in America and some places in Europe.

Materials used

A graduation sash also referred to as academic stole or academic sash can be made of satin. Some can be made of matte fabric and might feel rough while other sash is made out of environment-friendly fabrics. If you want a glossy one, you can have a satiny silky sash. You can have a sash that has pointed ends, a slanted one or the square end.

Colours, symbols and meaning

A graduation sash can have different colors and these colors convey different meaning. You may choose to wear a sash that will represent the organization where you belong or the club where you are a proud member. It can convey honor, service, excellence, representation of an organization and ethnicity club. Most of the time though, graduation sash bears the color of your university. It can also show academic remarks as the graduate who is considered to the valedictorian or the suma cum laude is given he privilege to wear gold colored sash. If you want to wear a sash that represents your organization then your sash should bear the color of the organization or your society. You can also customize the sash, give it as a gift to fellow graduate, and choose the color that best describes that someone.

Kinds of Graduation sash

Many types of sashes are available and can be use depending on its purpose. There is a sash made to highlight the academic performance of students. Another one is to reward the students who are performing well in specific categories. A graduation sash made to express gratitude is also available for everyone.

Just like all the academic regalia, your sash has ceremonial significance. Choose to wear one that best describes you and journey you had experience along the way.

The ultimate goal for debtors is settling their accounts and paying off debts: no more, no less. When debts have become too large and out of control, debtors tend to be anxious and have a preoccupation with this goal. As long as a company is in the field of debt settlement service and can negotiate with creditors and loaning companies, debtors think that this company is qualified enough to be of service.

The ability to settle debts and make deals with creditors is not the only qualification for a reliable debt settlement company. There are other simple but essential services that debtors need to expect from debt settlement companies.

Free consultation and credit counseling

debtA debt settlement company that truly cares for financially-troubled clients offers a free consultation service. On the part of the client, this cuts costs and makes them fully aware and knowledgeable of their condition before moving forward.

CuraDebt offers free consultation, as well as consumer credit counseling. This service is targeted towards helping the clients recover from a financial crisis. They do not just settle debts and accounts; they give clients peace of mind and sustained financial stability.

Individual advisor

Due to the rise of troubled debtors and credit card owners, debt settlement companies may experience a handful of customers and clients. When advisors handle too many clients at the same time, chances for human error and confusion are high.

Offering individual advisors to clients will make negotiations run more smoothly and focused. This is because advisors are dedicated and focused with the client on hand. Great service is never rushed and clients are prioritized. This is also true with debt settlement companies, especially with CuraDebt.

Tax Relief

After debts had been settled and paid, the deducted amount from the total account balance will be taxed and paid for by the debtor. This is a stressful aftershock for clients who have just finished paying a large sum of debt. Companies that do not offer tax relief services to their clients can leave them still financially-troubled and burdened.

Services of debt settlement companies should include a very helpful tax relief to make sure that clients really get their financial woes solved. Companies that truly care for customers will assure that they save clients from financial troubles, and the services that are paid for equates to sustained financial stability.

CuraDebt is an outstanding debt settlement company that also offers tax relief to clients. As part of a service that cares for the financial well-being of the clients, tax relief will assure that clients have the least worry when it comes to paying for financial duties.

CuraDebt is amongst debt settlement companies that specializes in providing debt help.

When you go shopping for outdoor bar sets, there are a number of factors that you need to consider so as to ensure that you get the best ones. A typical set usually consists of a table or a bar and stools or chairs. There are different designs and sizes from different manufactures. You can place the set on your verandah, by the pool or the patio. So as to ensure you get the best setup, you should be very careful when making a decision on what to buy.

Outdoor Bar SetsThe first thing that you should consider when shopping for outdoor bar sets is the space you have. You should choose a size that will fit in the space that you have in your compound. If the set is too big, then your compound will look untidy and overcrowded. Choose based on the number of people that you expect to use the set. Even if you have space, a very big one will be a waste of money if you don’t need all that space. Evaluate your needs and then choose the size of the set based on that.

A budget is also important when shopping for outdoor bar sets. You should make a plan so as to know the amount of money you have to spend on the sets. This will help you when it comes to choosing a set that you can afford. It is also important so as to ensure that you don’t settle for a low cost, low quality set and yet you can afford a better quality one. When shopping for your outdoor bar, you should also ensure that you do not choose based on the prices. Sometimes the seller may be offering a low price just because the furniture they are selling is of low quality. Thus you should research on the quality of the product and then compare the prices later.

Outdoor bar sets can either be fixed or portable. If you are looking for a flexible set, then you should go for the portable one. This will help if you are planning to use the set at different locations in your home. If you don’t intend to move it, then you should go with the fixed option. Make sure that it is fixed well and in a good location so as to ensure that it is not damaged by extreme weather conditions and other harmful factors.

We offer the most diversified range of cooling fans to meet all your cooling needs. We design and manufacture processor cooling fans and micro cooling fans to industrial cooling fans or heavy duty outdoor cooling fans.

We offer the vast range and variety of cooling fans and also add on or repair kits for your existing fans. We not only design and develop them before we manufacture and market them. We are pride ourselves in being one of the cheapest providers of cooling fans. Our fans are extremely heavy duty and efficient. Our cooling fans are also one of the most energy efficient and environment friendly ones too.

Cooling FansOur cooling fans are one of the best options for outdoor cooling. They can cool construction sites, factories, warehouses, emergency areas. They are also hugely efficient in cooling outdoor spectator areas, sports sidelines and even outdoor party areas. Our indoor cooling fans are also one of the best cooling options for large indoor areas. Use our best and most efficient cooling fans to cool your gyms, stables, barns and places which cannot be cooled properly with air conditioners. We also design and develop the best cooling fans for electronic equipments. We manufacture one of the best processor cooling fans and other micro cooling fans for other electronic equipments.

Our world class cooling fans are made from the best materials. This makes them durable and can work for long hours. They are also extremely energy efficient and use the minimum power to operate. They are the safest and best option for domestic and industrial cooling. They are the best designed and most efficient application specific fans. They can operate in dual voltages, and can be used for spot cooling also. They are low noise fans, with sealed sleeve. They are designed to be water proof and for high performance. They can also be thermally controlled.

All our cooling fans are designed using the latest and best designing software. Designed by the experts in the industry, they are one of the best and most high performing cooling fans even in the harshest of conditions. The latest knowledge and findings in air movement science and related industries helps in making these fans superbly efficient. We are also committed to excellence and quality and that always reflects in all our fans. The most rigorous and toughest quality monitoring tests review our products and always maintains the strictest standards.

We have been one of the most trusted and dependable names in cooling fans industry. We also offer extended warranty to all our products. We also offer installation and repair services to all our products. We also have exciting annual maintenance contracts among a host of other value added services.

We use the most advanced technology and precision engineering to manufacture our cooling fans. They are superior in air flow, durable and energy efficient. We also have the quickest response time, shortest lead time along with the most wide and largest cooling fans inventory. We also offer them at the most competitive prices. We also have exciting deals and offers for our customers. We deliver the perfect cooling solutions you need at the fastest pace.

The state of your patio should always be a priority. In some cases, it is the first thing that your guests see when they enter your home. The patio is a great place for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Making use of these space, allows you to create a comfortable environment outdoors. One of the ways of making your outdoors comfortable is by buying the right type of furniture. Wicker patio furniture is a popular choice. This is mainly because of its aesthetic value. Wicker looks exquisite when used to design any type of furniture. Its natural colors blend well with the outdoors that is why it is mainly used for patio furniture.

There are two types of wicker patio furniture. Those made from natural wicker and those made from synthetic wicker. Synthetic wicker although similar to natural wicker is cheaper. It looks like natural wicker but has different features because it is artificial. Natural wicker is more expensive because getting wicker from nature sometimes can be a daunting task. Most people are now using synthetic wicker for their patio furniture. Therefore, affordability is one of the reasons why this type of furniture is becoming popular.

wicker patio furnitureOne of the appeals of wicker patio furniture is their designs. The material can be used to come up with intricate and elegant designs that will transform the look of your patio. These designs change every day depending on the current trends and personal taste. They come in a variety of designs allowing you to choose what will best suit your patio. They have designs suitable for both small and big patios. The patio furniture can also be used with accessories like cushions and pillows that will also add to the décor of your patio. These accessories also allow you to include color and patterns in your outdoor décor.

Wicker patio furniture is also popular because of its strength and durability. The furniture is sturdy and will not be easily blown away by wind or tipped over when you run into it.  If you have children who love to play, you do not have to worry about them getting broken. This means that you do not have to constantly replace them unless you want to. Their maintenance is also easy. The synthetic wicker simply needs wiping as a way of maintaining it. When choosing furniture ensures that you buy from a supplier that will offer you affordable prices.

Anyone facing a drunken driving charge should contact a DUI lawyer.  Preparing an aggressive and substantial defense requires the services of a professional.   Time is of the essence when you have been charged with a DUI offense. This is because there are certain time frames that begin to surpass after you have been charged.  First and foremost you should know that you have got only ten days within which you can request for a hearing to discuss keeping of your driving license.

On the other hand, you should seek Utah DUI lawyer who provides a free initial consultation.   You should interview various lawyers. It is advisable to consider an attorney who   you are comfortable with and provide him with all the relevant information.  This will enable him to argue your case without any surprises by preparing a solid defense based on facts.  In addition, establish whether the various lawyers that you are considering have dealt with DUI matters in the past and how successful they have been.  This also implies that they should have specialized education in DUI law.  Be wary of lawyers who say that they can handle any type of matter.

Utah DUI lawyerA DUI lawyer should very familiar with tests, devices, procedures that police officers do when determining whether a driver is sober or otherwise.   You should select a Utah DUI lawyer who will thoroughly consider facts before advising you on which plead to take.   Nobody wants to put themselves in harm’s way by driving while drunk but you may at times have some drinks and when you are stopped by a police officer find that the level of alcohol in your body is above the allowable limit.  It is at such times that you require the service of a lawyer to argue your case.

In order to increase your chances of getting an acquittal or lenient penalties you should engage an experienced Utah DUI lawyer.   Such professionals make a bad situation look better than it is. In addition you may also be feeling that you have been wrongly accused where based upon the facts a DUI lawyer is the best option towards proving that you were not culpable.

In addition, you require a Utah DUI lawyer as matters of the law are complex and usually require a professional who has been trained and practiced in DUI law and matters.  You will also be guided on what to reveal and say so that you do not incriminate yourself. These may go up to jail time and longtime revocation of your driving license.   You should not proceed to court after you have been charge with a DUI offense without a legal representative so as to obtain the best and most reasonable outcome.

Defect tracking is a term without an exact technical definition. The difference of this practice with the other terms may depend on the professionals that you converse with. For instance, some of the information technology companies may use the terms interchangeably. On the other hand, the rest of the terms may treat them as another form of technical activity. The bug tracking may require the developers to thoroughly identify and to record the problems concerning the software.

The defect tracking software is tracks errors, issues, bugs, and defects. Some of the institutions may define the bugs as concerns that may emerge during the development phase of the software. The software bug may be referred to as any type of element that can fall short of the expectations of the customers. On the other hand, the defects may be identified as soon as the product has already been released. This may also refer to the software problems that both the clients and the developers may observe. Issues may be defined as a help desk problem or a bug. This will highly depend upon the nature and the source of the problem.

defect trackingThe defect tracking can differ from the identification of other problems found during the development phase because of numerous environmental factors. Using the processes in the actual setting can be entirely different from the outcomes that may occur in the experimental phase. Even if the software developers have performed the necessary processes through this type of tracking, there is a great chance that new problems can come up. Like the other types of problems, they should be tracked. The simplest form of tracking for defects is to keep the records every time a client calls up and brings up a problem concerning the application. More sophisticated forms of tracking will use an application that will aid in monitoring the deployment and the detection of abnormal activity. This includes the sudden increase in the warning messages.

Even if the defect tracking company will define the bugs and the defects in a different manner, the processes are similar with the other methods used for detection. A software developing team can aid in fixing the error in a certain software program. This is provided that the team has kept a good record of the occurrences that have a lot to do with the problem. The records should clearly indicate the nature of the problem that continuously affects the product. The function that can cause the interference can also aid in leading the developers into the best solution possible. The problem that can directly affect the software can obtain a greater priority for a repair than something that can only slow down an application by a few seconds.